57. Cummunity based entrepreneurship ( CBE/SMEs )

Community Based Entrepreneurship instills the foundations of successful enterprise development including strategic business planning, marketing techniques, and market analyses and projections.

As entrepreneurship is a vital thread in the fabric of a community, and considering the critical phase that Libya is going through, a hands-on entrepreneurship program like “Community Based Entrepreneurship” is of utmost importance. It is designed to for participants to acquire entrepreneurial skills in the context of social responsibility and healthy community development.

Learning Goals:

  • Learn the methods and tools necessary for starting and managing sustainable and ethical community-based enterprises.
  • Understand the key financial, marketing, and strategic planning concepts needed to manage a community-based enterprise.
  • Engage in service learning opportunities related to owning and operating a community-based enterprise.

Program Duration:

Five days (05), Four (04) Hours per day with a total of 20 Hours.

Delivered By:

Tassili Expert Trainers.