You may not have wanted to grow up to be an accountant; however basic accounting skills are necessary to ensure your business thrives. The Accounting for Non Accountants program shows you how accounting works in your business or organization. Taught by experts in the accounting field, this “hand-on” program is designed for those who occupy responsible positions in the business, but lack an accounting background.

Who Should Take this Course:

Managers who use accounting information to monitor their organization’s performance

Individuals who require an improved understanding of financial terminology, practices and principles

Accounting staff who want an overview of the full accounting process

Program outline:


Accounting definition.

Users of financial accounting information.

Basic accounting concepts and principles.

Accounting equation and the rules of debit and credit and the double entry bookkeeping system.

Accounting cycle i.e., analysing, recording, classifying, summarizing and interpreting.

Common types of accounting transactions and their impact on the accounting equation.

Books of accounts.

Importance and legal basis for the use of books of accounts.

Different types of books of accounts.

Recording information on each books of accounts.

Basic financial statements and its preparation.

Components of the basic financial statements (applicable to every type of business organization).

Contents and use of each basic financial statement.

Simple analysis of financial statements.

Presented by:

Tassili for Consultancy and Training.


6 Days (30 Hours)

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