56. Certified E-Business Project Manager (PME)

Learn how to increase your profits, enhance your reputation and increase efficiency! This cutting-edge E-Business management course is the essential training program for organisations and individuals getting tehri business online or improving an existing presence.

WHo should attend?

This program is suitable for anyone involved in managing, planing, or improving an online presence, Whether you are a business owner, department director, an IT or Intranet Manager, An E-marketing, Web, E-Commerce or Project Manager, This course will give you a olid foundation for planning and managing your online space effectively. Mangers, PMO Managers.

How will this course benefit you?

By attending this program you will:

– Gain a solid foundation of knowledge to start building your e-business strategic plan
– Participate in hands-on exercises relevant to your organisation.
– Find out how to select appropriate tools and suppliers.
– Learn how to communicate your business requirements more effectively.
– Learn practical cost-saving tips for online success.

Program outlines:

This Program will include the following topics:

– The concept of e-commerce.
– Requirements of e-commerce.
– Definition E-Commerce.
– Specifications of E-commerce.
– The benefits of e-commerce.
– E-Exchange
– Forms of E-Commerce
– B2B
– B2C
– B2A
– A2B
– E-Government
– Levels of E-Commerce.
– Statistics
– E-Commerce in Arab World
– Obstacles to E-Commerce.
– Value Chain.
– Supply chain management.
– E-Business
– Project Definition.
– Difficulties and Challenges.
– History of the development of project management.
– Project life cycle.
– Critical path method.
– Project Planning.
– Project efficiency Standards.
– balance between time and cost.
– Project Tasks.
– Structural division for tasks.
– Traditional business VS. E-Business.
– How to start an E- business projects.
– International Case Study.
– Local Case Study.

Presented by: Tassili and AAPM Specialist trainers.

Duration: 24 Hours, This program’s duration is two weeks, five days per week, four hours per day for each level.

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