41. Management of Change (CHM)


Are you keeping up with your customers and competitors? Is keeping up enough for you and your organisation? How focussed, flexible and adaptable is your organisation? Change is transforming the global market place. As technology continues its inexorable march forward, the requirement for organisations to change is accelerating faster day by day.

We have a choice – change or perish. We have to learn that increasing our speed has little to do with going faster. We secure greater speed by trusting the people we work with to select, implement and monitor change. The primary differentiation for all organisations in the new millennium will be their ability to engage in and adapt to change – small incremental change up to major step change Initiatives.

Who should attend?

• People who want to secure a ‘step change” environment.

• People who want to make ‘change” happen.

• CEOs, and direct reports to CEOs who have recognised the newcore competency of “change leadership”.

• Project leaders involved in major “step change” initiatives.

• Supervisors/leaders with responsibility for the ‘Incremental change agenda.

• People who have recognised the “change” or “perish” alternatives.

How will this program benefit you?

The outcomes of the program include:

• Immediate application of the learnings

• The development of a change plan for the organisation

• The potential to develop a learning program to become a change organisation

• The ability to conduct an audit of the current change capability

• The ability to change the culture of an organisation

• Start the process of a move from management to leadership

• Enable you to move to partnership/relationship leadership from fear and control

Program Outline:

Psychology of Change

• Theories and Perspectives

• Concepts of Change

Change Management Process

• Kaleidoscope of change

• Process for Managing Change

• Organizational Change Competency

• Connecting Change Management to Business Projects and Project Management

Preparing for Change

• Define Your Change Management Strategy

• Prepare Your Change Management Team

• Develop Your Sponsorship Model

Managing Change

• Communication Plan

• Sponsor Roadmap

• Resistance Management Plan

• Training Plan

• Master Change Plan

Reinforcing Change

• Collect and Analyze Feedback

• Diagnose Gaps and Manage Resistance

• Implement Corrective Action

• Celebrate Successes

Presented by

Tassili professional trainers


Six Days (24Hours)

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