Meetings are unpopular because they take up time–usually that of many people. However, there are good meetings and there are bad meetings. Meetings can be an excellent use of time when they are well-run. Unfortunately, the converse is also true, and it seems that time-wasting, poorly run meetings are far too common.

This program provides practical training for effective meeting management with many individual and group activities and exercises to enhance skills for planing and conducting effective meetings.

Who should attend?

This program is suitable for individuals who are required to run, conduct and lead any kind of meeting and who wish to achieve success.

How will this program benefit you?

Upon completion you will be able to:

• Structure and conduct meetings to achieve objectives and avoid wasting time.

• Identify, understand and apply the PPCM approach.

• Encourage contributions from all participants.

• Develop communication skills and efficiently conduct professional meetings.

• Deal with difficult situations or members effectively.

Program Outline

During this highly interactive program, The following topics will be covered:

Efficient meeting preparation:

– Identifying the different types of meetings.

– Isolating the common problems and difficulties that occur in meetings.

– Structuring the various phases of the meeting.

– Identifying clearly the role and responsibilities of the chairperson.

– Adopting the appropriate tone and structure.

Lead Effective meetings with the PPCM Approach:

– Pertinence: What the purpose is, Other possibilities of meeting people.

– Preparation: clarifying and communicating the agenda, topics, duration, commitments, logistics.

– Conduct: the techniques to lead and involve the team in the meeting.

– Measure: Who should draw up the minutes of the meeting.

Conduct a meeting effectively:

– using various techniques to make people interact with each other.

– Dealing with problematic attendees.

– Controlling flow and time.

– Encouraging partcipation form all attendees.

– Technology in Meetings

– Points to consider for a successful virtual meetings.

– Personalized feedback and input on how to make your virtual meetings work.

– Develop communications skills:

– Questioning and listening techniques.

– Identifying the key message and the needs of the audience.

– Developing your personality to build rapport more easily and successfully.

– Practising persuasion techniques to feel more confident in dealing with others.

– Handling misunderstandings.

– maintaining assertiveness.

Give Constructive Feedback:

– Purusing effective reviews.

– mastering summarising techniques.

Presented by 

Tassili for Consultancy and training.


5 days (20 hours)

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