14. Certified Project Risk Manager (CPRM)


As most projects are unique undertakings, events are said to be certain if the probability of their occurrence is 100% or total uncertain if the probability of occurrence is 0%. In between these extremes the uncertainty varies quite widely. The program aims to build up/Improve understanding of uncertainty and risks, principles and best practices of project management and the essential requirements for risks to be successfully accounted for and managed.

Who should attend?

• Project Managers and team members who already work in a well-established project management environment but wish to improve their project risk management processes.

• Members of a project team looking to “jump-start” their risk management on a new and risky project.

How will this course benefit you?

Upon completion you will be able to:

• Value the importance of including risk management in project planning and execution.

• Apply a common framework of project risk management.

• Facilitate team discussions to identify project risks and opportunities, and formulate risk responses.

• Use expected monetary value.

• Analyze risks and select response strategies appropriate to priorities and organization risk tolerances.

Program Outlines

During the program the following topics will be covered:

• How to see the world

• Learning how to learn

• Risk and risk management

• Positive side of risks

. Philosophy of risk

• Risk and project management.

. Qualitative and quantitative risk management

. The 7 steps of Risk management

. Environmental analysis and Identification methods

• Risk log and risk tracking forms

Risk budget calculation

• Risk management strategies

• Risk management workshop

Pre -Program

Participants must pass an interview to be able to register for this program.

Presented by

Tassili and AAPM specialist trainers.


Total Duration is: 24 Hours

In addition to 24 Hours take-home exams

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