Decision-making is arguably the most critical job of a manager and bad choices can damage careers and the bottom line.

This program explores issues in problem-solving and decision-making for business leaders.

Successful managers blend the art and the science of decision-making into practical process that leads them to consider their choices both intuitively and analytically.

Who should attend?

The purpose of this program is to help senior managers deepen their sophistication in exercising judgment and to think more strategically about decision making.

Specifically, this program will explore the ways that successful decision are made, and provide prescription for positive decision making practices and meets the needs of professionals who want to harness their intuition and use tried and true rational decision-making tools to take decisive action.

How will this program benefit you?

This Program will enable you to:

• Learn how successful managers and business leaders make their decision and prescriptions for positive decision-making practices in the future

• Discuss and build a framework for both strategic and tactical problem-solving – an asset for any managers faced with making important decisions about their business.

Tangible outcomes:

After attending this Program you will:

• Feel more confident and empowered to make decisions

• Sharpen you analytical and intuitive skills

• Reduce conflict and group think

• Recognize your feeling about and reactions to risk and uncertainty

• Apply concrete tools and a structured process for making decisions

• Be more deliberate when making decisions under conditions of uncertainty of missing information

Program outline:

Analytical Decision-Making: How to analyze an uncertain and complex situation?

Intuitive Decision-Making: What is the role of intuition and judgment

In strategic decision-making?

Decision-Making Traps: What are the common cognitive

blases and mistakes?

Decision-Making Process: Is there a structured yet practical framework that can help avoid under-or


Decision-Making Issues: Is there an effective way to decentralize decision-making in a large organization and assign roles and responsibilities to unclog bottlenecks?

Presented by

Tassili professional trainers


5 Days (20 Hours)

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