76. Corporate Communication Language (EBL)

Program Overview

The program consists of a variety of components of which aims to assist medium and top management personnel reach the level of fluency in communicating fluently at corporate level.

Program Outline

  • Interviews

This part of the program is designed to guide the managerial level in corporates and business enterprises through business interviews.

  • Introduction

This part of the program forms a guide of how to introduce guests, visitors and new employees to the work place and have them understand the environment of the office.

  • Meeting Room Verbal Skills

This component of the package is specialized in providing the proper meeting room language skills for better communication and understanding of other individuals.

  • Presentations

This section of the program is designed to guide you through the art of presenting a project, proposals, and even suggestions to improve your business. Trust us, it isn’t that scary!

  • Annual Appraisal

Annual appraisals are basically one-on-one meetings with your employees to discuss their yearly achievements, ups and downs and all. This component is put together to train you on how to be on both ends of the appraisal.

  • Telephoning Skills

In this part of the program, we guide through proper telephoning language starting from making an inquiry, up to scheduling appointments and making arrangements.

  • Delegating Skills

The meaning of delegating is basically “task assigning” and here we provide you medium and top management with the proper language to help you break down assignments into smaller tasks and delegate them to junior personnel to carry them out.

  • Dealing with Difficult Work Situations.

Sometimes it’s a bit difficult for a senior member of business to tell off or discipline another adult. This part is where we walk you through those difficulties and provide communication skills to address under-standard members of your staff.

  • Difficult Clients

Meeting with your clients to discuss business affairs is not always a delight! Here we provide you with the language skills needed to negotiate and deal with difficult contractors.

  • Contractual Terminology

This part is specialized in enhancing and enriching business individuals’ terminology and help them fully comprehend contracts terms and conditions etc.

How will this course benefit you?

Upon the completion of this program you will be able to effectively communicate at both business or  corporate levels in english.


Participants must be at Elementry2 Level to enroll into this program. However, for those who don’t have Elementry2 Level, a Pre-Session of Three weeks is available to prepare them for this comprehensive  business language program.

Presented by:

Tassili’s highly qualified specialist trainers.


with a total of 75 effective contact Hours, This program’s duration is five weeks, Five days per week, three hours per day.


This intensive yet comprehensive program is consisted of series of workshops and focus groups covering all 10 major focus areas of the program.

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