Communications is the art of getting your ideas, information and feelings into the minds of other people, Effective communications skills program is specialised training that will help you to do that more effectively, more quickly and more easily, If you feel frustrated because you can’t verbalise what you want to say, and if you feel you want people to really listen to you and to understand you, then this course is right for you. If you have trouble handling difficult people: If you need help with dealing with unpleasant situations, then this course is right for you.

Who should attend?

– Technical Specialists.

– Sales and marketing Professionals.

– Manager.

– Senior Executives

– Lawyers.

– Accountants.

– Consultants.

– Training Professionals.

– Other Professionals.

How will this course benefit you?

– handle their fear of public speaking. The program provides framework for you to think, present, and persuade—with confidence.

– learn advanced speech and debate techniques.

– To answer questions effectively — The program provides techniques to get you off the hook when that tough question appears out of nowhere.

– To be more persuasive, to be able to sell our ideas, justify verbally, fast and clearly.

– To explain the complex more clearly.

Program outline

– Listing the variables that influence the communication process.

– Defining interpersonal communication.

– Recognising the universal principles that govern interpersonal communication.

– Realising the essence of (first seek to understand, then be understood” by exploring situational listening techniques.

– Assessing listening ability with the five essential listening skills.

– Comparing and contrasting the appropriate use of different questioning styles.

– Evaluate the power of an verbal communication.

– Understanding the four communication styles and how these are linked to personality and behavioural styles.

– Strategizing ways to flex in order to connect with these various styles.

– Identifying the filters that can distort our perception of others.

– Demonstrating ways of being more critical in perceiving others.

– Constructing ways to get your point across using assertive techniques.

– Identifying the power of bases and strategizing ways to handle power plays.

Presented by

Tassili for consultancy and Training.


5 Days (20 Hours)

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