26. Effective Project Planning and Scheduling skills (EPPS)


Are your deliverables consistently late? This program is for Project Controls Officers or for those who need to learn how to create and use one of the most valuable project management tools: a project schedule. Defining project success often involves completing on time and on budget, and project budgets are often driven by resource costs and the scheduling of those resources.

Who should attend?

This program is appropriate for individuals who:

• Want to improve their project controls.

• Want to pursue a career in project planning and project controls.

• Want to enhance their resume and marketability.

• Work in a project management environment, in any industry or discipline, and want to increase their scheduling knowledge.

How will this program benefit you?

Participants will gain practical skills to:

• Create effective project schedules.

• Identify and value critical path and float (slack).

• Use standard scheduling terminology.

• Update and track project schedules.

• Apply best practices in scheduling projects.

Program outlines

Context of Project Planning & Scheduling

• Role of the project scheduler

• Principles of schedule development

• Workshop: Developing case study

• Estimating effort and duration

• Tracking assumptions

• Logic diagrams & dependencies

• Critical path, float, constraints, milestones, baselines

• Scheduling credentials’ requirements

Developing a Project Schedule

• Duration & effort -driven scheduling

• Workshop: Create case study schedule

• Integrating schedules

• Project schedule reality check

• Baselining the schedule

• Creating templates

• Fast -tracking the schedule

• Introducing principles of schedule control

• Schedule Evaluation criteria

• Assignment: Schedule evaluation

Updating & Tracking the Schedule

• Identifying progress

• Updating and maintaining the schedule

• Measuring schedule variances against the baseline

• Workshop:Identifying the impact of a change

• Quantifying delay

Resource Management and Earned Value

• Assigning resources

• Identifying resource loading

• Workshop: Assigning resources

• Earned value theory

• Workshop: Using earned value

Presented by

Tassili and AAPM specialist trainers.


24 Hours. This program’s duration is two weeks, five days per week, four hours per day for each level.

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