45. Effective Report Writing Skills (ERWS)


Professionals have to create reports that are clear, offer a logical sequence and convince the reader, This program provides a stimulating introduction to report writing and sharply focuses on report structure. The heart of this 5-days program is in the correct presentation and sequencing of observations and findings to create compelling content, The target is the production of reports that are seen to contribute significant value.

why should attend?

This hands-on practical course is open to everyone but is most suited to those with less report writing experience, This course does not teach spelling or grammar, that much is assumed.

How will this program benefit you?

Upon completion you will be able to:

– write a report using information that meets target requirements.

– deploy a structure for writing up observations that maximise acceptance of the viewpoint.

– apply strategies to maximise conciseness and improve readability.

This course is accompanied by an indexed manual that includes full course text, examples and strategies for use in report writing.

Program Outline

Audience and framework: empathy with your audience

The target audience

Approved structures for audit reports

Trends and changes in audit reporting

The nitty-gritty: writing up observations

The 5 “Cs” approach

The condition (finding)

The criterion (yardstick)

The cause (reason)

The consequence (effect)

The conclusion (recommendation)

Quality checking observations

Audit rating scales and opinions

Common variations in report layouts: Paragraph structure / Table structure / Action Strip Structure

Good writing: conciseness and readability


Phrasing and jargon

Design and layout

Presented by

Tassili Specialist trainers.


15 Hours. This program’s duration is five days, three hours per day.

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