34. Essence of Leadership (EoL)


Motivating and leading a team of individuals under stress is an important skill for managers, there is often a conflict between the need to get the job done and the needs of the people in the team, This program is designed to cover a range of skills required for getting the most from your team.

Who should attend?

Managers, team supervisors, and anyone responsible for setting up a new team or leading an existing one.

How will this program benefit you?

Upon completion you will be able to:

– Recognise different strengths within the team and yourself and plan how to use these effectively.

– Adapt your leadership style so that you achieve better results with each individual.

– Motivate people through a vareity of methods.

– Coach and set goals for people.

– Manage performance withing the team more effectively.

– Recognise the symptoms of stress within people and plan remedial action.

– Plan the audit with the team.

Program Outline:

The first part of the course focuses on feedback on team role. Pre-work questionnaires are issued and the information is collated into a report so that you get a clear picture of what team roles are best suited to you.

The course is very participative with individual and group exercises, case study, role play, tutor input and discussion throughout.

team role feedback for each delegate

– understanding where the strengths and weaknesses may lie within your team

– what’s different about audit teams?

– leadership styles and how to use them effectively

– the situational leadership model

– you will complete a diagnostic and identify how to use the four different leadership styles with other team members.


– recognising different motivational patterns in yourself and others

– working with different motivational triggers to improve performance.

Case study

– This is based on an audit assignment. You will select the appropriate team and discuss the potential pitfalls of an audit.

Coaching skills

– You will be introduced to a coaching model and practise coaching one another on a work issue.

Managing performance

– how to prepare and structure a meeting about underperformance

– key principles of giving feedback

– group discussion and practical exercises on managing performance.

Managing difficult people

– recognising trigger points in others

– managing our reactions to difficult people

– dealing assertively with conflict.

Presented by:

Tassili Specialist Trainers.


20 Hours, This program’s duration is five days, Four hours per day.

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