74. International Computer Driving License (ICDL)

The International Computer Driving License or the ICDL is a standard definition and actual measure of computing skills that is fast becoming accepted benchmark across the globe, the ICDL is a certificate that verifies competence most commercial platforms, designed to cover key concepts of computing, their practical applications and usage in the work place and society as a whole, it provides a balance between the requirements of the employer and employee skills, it presents a single, generic syllabus, that is independent of any hardware and software products, This approach provides a fully independent base on which to focus on a program that evaluates an individuals’ ability to master their personal computer.

Who should attend?

Any individual that needs to acquire tangible proof of computing abilities, Prospective candidates should ideally have used computers and the common software applications before.

How this program will benefit you?

Upon completion you will be able to:

  • Understand essential concepts and skills relating to the use of devices, file creation and management, networks, and data security.
  • Acquire skills relating to web browsing, effective information search, online communication and e-mail.
  • Use a word processing application to accomplish everyday tasks associated with creating, formatting, and finishing small-sized word processing documents, such as letters and other everyday documents.
  • Understand the concept of spreadsheets and to demonstrate an ability to use a spreadsheet to produce accurate work outputs.
  • Understand the concept of a database and demonstrate competence in using a database.
  • Setup and use online collaborative tools, such as
    storage, productivity, applications, calendars, social media, web meetings, learning environments, and mobile technology.

Course Programme

The new ICDL is made up of a range of modules- each module provides a practical programme of up-to-date skills and knowledge areas, which are validated by a test, New ICDL enables you to develop and certify your computer skills in the
subject areas of your choice, and to the level that you need – either for work, or for day-to-day life.

– Module 1- Concepts of information Technology.
– Module 2- Using of computer and Managing Files.
– Module 3- Word Processing
– Module 4- Spreadsheets
– Module 5- Databases
– Module 6- Presentation.
– Module 7- Information and Communication


– Tassili for Consultancy and Training.