17. International Professional Quality Manager (IPQM)

This comprehensive program is designed to provide the delegates with the knowledge and skills required to maintain and continually improve their organisation’s quality management system based on the ISO standard. The program helps quality managers to develop their skills in improving the quality management system processes and provide more effective feedback to top management for review and decision -making.

Who should attend?

• Quality managers who wish to refresh/develop their skills.

• Quality managers who are new to the role.

• Individuals who are considering taking on a quality manager role.

How will this course benefit you?

Upon completion you will be able to:

• Improve internal efficiency.

• Boost customer confidence.

• increase staff moral and productivity.

• Identify system problems.

• Recognise new ways to solve problems.

• Encourage and improve staff performance.

Program Outline

During this interactive program the following topics will be covered:

• The concept of Quality.

• The basics of Quality Management Systems.

• A Quality Management System for your organisation.

• Understanding and controlling your business process.

• Continual improvement.

• Understanding the ISO Standard.

• Consolidation and Reflection.

• People – roles and relationships in a Quality organisation.

• Documenting a Quality System.

• Cost savings, increased profitability and other benefits of a successful Quality Management System

Pre -course work

Applicants must pass an interview to be able to register for this program.

Presented by

Tassili and AAPM QC/QA specialist trainers.


30 Hours (This program is delivered in two weeks)

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