07. International Professional Project Manager Diploma (IPPM)


It is widely known that project management is the art and science of solving today’s complex problems and challenges in

the world of business. Project management knowledge and practice has been adopted as key practice and thinking by

most winning organizations around the world. In this course containing three levels IPPM Level-01, IPPM Level -02 and

IPPM Level -03, we will undergo an exceptional learning journey that develops our perspective on PM practice and

thinking into strategic professional level.

Who should attend?

This program will be suitable for those who have already had exposure to project management and organisational practices through work experience.

• Project managers who seek high degree of prociency in Project Management thinking and practice.

• Managers with desire to acquire project management thinking and skills.

• Enthusiastic Individuals with desire to acquire a successful career in project management.

• Key players involved in designing, planning and implementing organisational projects.

• General managers and top Business managers involved in corporate strategies and project selection process.

• Entrepreneurs and managers of SME’s.

How will this course benefit you?

Upon completion you will be able to apply top PM thinking and methodologies to your projects and manage projects as

professional practitioners do. You’ll be able to dene, design and measure success.

Program outlines:

During this interactive course the following topics will be covered:

• IPPM (1) Principles and Concepts, which include:

PM principles, Denitions, PM thinking, Project types, PM elements, and project life cycle PLC.

• IPPM (2) Managing projects, which include:

PM Methodologies, Initiation, Planning, Implementation, Close out, follow up, Risk management, Quality Management,

and Stakeholders Management.

• IPPM (3) PM Attitude and Personality, includes:

PM Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Strategic Thinking, Communication Skills, and Team building Techniques


Participants must pass an interview to be able to register for this program.

Presented by:

Tassili and AAPM specialist trainers.


with a total of 40 Hours, This program’s duration is two weeks, Five days per week, four hours per day.


IPPM program is structured around best PM methodologies and knowledge best practices in addition to a combination of specially selected project management literature and case studies.

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