28. Managing Multiple Projects (MMP)


Because no project stands in isolation, the outcome of each and every project will have a direct influence on the overall success and direction of your organisation. For this reason, it must be recognised that each individual project influences and is influenced by, all other projects.

Who should attend?
If you are responsible for any kind of project development or management, this program is for you. It is extremely valuable for all project and senior managers across a variety of sectors.
If you are a Project Manager, Senior Manager, Team Leader, Marketing Manager, Technical Manager, Member of a Project Office or want to become a Project Manager, this is a must -attend.

How will this program benefit you?
Upon completion you will be able to:
• Understand multiple project management and prioritization model.
• Improve project reporting – what’s good, what’s bad, what matters and what makes sense
• Enhance your inter-project conflict management skills.
• Learn techniques for managing project resources across the organization
• Manage project resource pools within your organization.

Program Outlines

Course Overview
• Goals & Objectives
• Project Management Lifecycle Applied to Multiple Projects
• Definitions of Terms

Initiating Multiple Project Management/Programs
• Roles and Responsibilities of a Program Manager
• Support Organizational Structures
• Analyzing Your Current Projects for Consistency and Gaps
• Conducting Project Integration Meetings
• Standardization in Project Management Approaches

Multiple Project Planning
• Program Management and Planning Elements
• Program Charters
• Resource Pools
• Creating and Maintaining Resource Pools
• Creating and Maintaining Master Work Breakdown Structures
. Creating and Maintaining Master Schedules
• Real -world Tips for Building Master Schedules
, Identifying and Resolving Inter -Project Dependencies
• Optimizing Master Schedules

Executing and Controlling Multiple Projects
• Overview of Execution & Control
• Tracking Performance and Determining Schedule Impacts
• Program Status Meetings
• Types of Project Reports
• Reconciling Project Reports
• Forecasting Program/Multiple-Project Performance
• Budget Forecasting &Control
• Variance Management
• Intervention on Underperforming Projects
• Managing Risk across Several Projects

Presented by
Tassili and AAPM specialist trainers.

24 Hours. This program’s duration issix days, four hours per day.

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