Tassili and University of Benghazi honoring MQM and CPRM Professionals

On Tuesday, May 13th 2014 at the University of Benghazi, Tassili Benghazi and University of Benghazi celebrated the graduation of university staff who successfully achieved the designations of MQM – Master Quality Managers and CPRM – Certified Project Risk Managers CPRM. a 23 professional project mmanagers, head division and engineers from different department of university all trained and examined by Tassili professional trainers at Tassili – Benghazi. Celebration was hosted by Dean of University of Benghazi, Dr. Mohamed Tabola, Director of Graduate Studies and Training, Dr. Asiri Gibran Alkrgla, Director of Training Department Mr. Abdul Salam Embarak and from Tassili side Mr. Mohammad Saad Madi, Tassili Regional Director-Eastern area and Mr. Mehdi Mahfoud CEO and president of AAPM Chapter in Libya.