Tassili Junior Launches Summer Camp for Children

In cooperation with Assaqyia, Tassili Junior presents; “Children Summer Camp”. Aiming to develop the creative, the scientific, and the behavioral skills of children, Tassili Junior announces the opening of registration for the first Summer Camp of its kind, in which the following will be covered: Learning languages Holy Quran reciting Computer science Humanitarian skills and community Building and development of behavior Recreational activities Multi-sport activities (swimming, volleyball, judo, table tennis) Gardening and farming Days of special activities (Crafts Day, Pizza Day, Cake day), And more Time: – 10:30 – 14:30 (Sunday to Thursday) Location: – Tassili Training complex “ The Source” – Al Saraj area Date: – June 28, 2015. Age Categories: – First category 04-06 years – The second category 07-09 years – The third category 10-12 years The packages available for each category: Package I: 80 hours per month Package II : 100 hours per month Subscription fees: Package I: 80 hours per month .. 90 dinars per week Package II: 100 hours per month.. 115 dinars per week Book now through the following registration options: https://tassililibya.com/register/ Over the phone: 0213340414 0217170602 0217234494 0922772022 0925033306 Or through e-mail: [email protected] For inquiries about the content or methodologies please call: 0922772022 Notes and requirements: – The child’s age must be between 4 – 12 years old. – Seats are limited so registrants are accepted on a “first to come first served” basis. Tassili Junior team – Tripoli