All Professionals need to be able to make presentations to an audience and for many this is a subject to be avoided. This skill-building program gently focuses on actions and strategies that help steer an apprehensive presenter to a less stressful and more positive conclusion.

Who should attend?

This program is open to anyone. The heart of PSLC is in the build up from short speaking fragments lasting no more than a few seconds to longer more controlled sessions.
The result is reusable plan that helps participants to shed their nerves through safe, gentle and progressive practical immersion.

How will this program benefit you?

Upon completion you will be able to:

– Plan your talk in stages that suit you.
– Use beneficial Strategies to reduce tension and nerves.
– Deploy tactics that generate the right tone and mood from your audience.
– Use approaches to help you stay in control of your presentation.

The program is accompanied by a manual that contains full course text, Including useful strategies for successful presentations.

Program Outline

Presenting to people.
– What makes all of us nervous.
– The adrenaline rush and drop – the day before, the day of the talk and the day after.
– Strategies for calm and relax.
– From fragment to part, From part to section and from section to completed talk.
– Deciding what you are going to say and what you are not going to say- using time effectively.
– Should i commit my talk to memory or not.

Dealing with nerves:
– Voice care and pitch, pace and projection.
– Posture and the use of space.
– Creating empathy and communicating sincerity.
– Continuity of structure and running out of time.
– Reading the audience.

Presented by

Tassili Training Center.


15 hours, This program’s duration is five days, three hours per day.

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