23. Project Change Management (PCM)


When an organization introduces a change with a project or Initiative, that change needs to be effectively managed on both the technical side and the people side. A technical side focus ensures that the change is developed, designed and delivered effectively. The discipline of project management provides the structure, processes and tools to make this happen. A people side focus ensures that the change is embraced, adopted and utilized by the employees who have to do their jobs differently as a result of the project. The discipline of change management provides the structure, processes and tools to make this happen

Who should attend?
• Change Managers.
• Project Managers, Program Managers, Project teams
• IT Specialists
• Process Improvement, Lean and Six Sigma Specialists
• Corporate Communications Professionals
• Human Resources and Training Professionals

How will this program benefit you?
• Learn how to align Change Management with Project Management; planning and execution.
• Adopt a consistent structured approach to Change Management
• Immediately apply the tools and prepare Change Management Plans for key projects; opportunities and formulate risk responses.
• Develop a Community of Practice or change network
• Receive feedback and coaching from an experienced Change Manager

Program Outline
• Change Management Overview;
• The Return on Investment of Change Management;
• Best Practices in Change Management;
• The individual process of change and its models;
. The Psychology of Change;
• Overview of Change Management Process;
• Preparing for Change.
. Managing Change: Communications Plan, Sponsorship Roadmap;
• Presentation of Change Management Plans for feedback and coachi
. Managing Change: Coaching Plan, Resistance Management Plan, Training Plan, Master Change Management Plan;
• Reinforcing Change;
• Integrating Change Management and Project Management;

Presented by
Tassili and AAPM specialist trainers.

24 Hours. This program’s duration is six days, four hours per day.

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