40. Situational Leadership (SL)


This program, which is aimed at managers from supervisory level and beyond, invites participants to look closely at the development needs of both themselves and their staff and asks if there is a ‘match’ with regards to the style of leadership presented from managers to their employees.

The program introduces a way forward called ‘partnering for performance’ whereby manager and employee are both satisfied with the approach used to lead the employee through the course of their working day. Managers may find themselves taking a directive, coaching, supportive or delegative approach to leading others.

Who should attend?

Managers, Team Leaders, Specialists or anyone who has a role in which success is dependant on being able to influence and lead others to achieve key performance objectives.

How will this program benefit you?

Upon completion you will:

• Analyse their own and team members’ needs in terms of Performance Readiness

• Define and recognise ‘task behaviours’ and ‘relationship behaviours’

• Define and recognise a range of influencing/leadership styles

• Match influencing/leadership style to needs In a variety of situations

• Describe their own preferred influencing/leadership style(s)

• Apply course concepts to their own work situation

Program Outline:

Influencing the Performance of Others

• Defining leadership/influence

• Leadership style – self perception

• Clarifying the real task

• Criteria for Performance

• Defining performance

• Diagnosing performance readiness – the dynamics of ability and willingness for a specific undertaking

• The decision making process to determine performance readiness levels

Leadership/Influencing Behaviours

• Defining leadership/influence styles

• Appreciating the differences between the styles

• The Situational Leadership Model – matching the leader response

Leadership Style

• The significance of your primary style

• Leadership style adaptability

• Feedback on your LEAD profile

• The Leadership Style/Performance Readiness matrix

Leadership Style

• The development cycle

. Understanding performance regression

• The regression cycle

Action Planning 

Presented by

Tassili expert trainers


5 Days (20 Hours)