39. Soft Systems Methodology (SSM)


SSM is a methodology used to support and to structure thinking about, and intervention in, complex organizational problems.
It is a process for managing: for undertaking the process of achieving organized action. By being an SSM practitioner, you will be able to take management as the process of thinking -out and implementing organized action, and of reacting to changes in the world which might affect that action.

Who should attend?
Any senior manager, VP or director can immediately apply the strategic planning techniques, including:
• Corporate -level managers and VPs from all departments
• Operations and administrative officers
• Project managers who lead complex projects
• Sales and marketing team members who must respond to new competitive threats

How will this program benefit you?
Upon completion you will:
• Learn SSM methodology which allows you to creatively manage strategic dilemmas and solve business problems
• Prioritize problems and establish practical and achievable action plans
• Apply SSM thinking approaches and overcome the barriers to strategic problem solving
• Train others – effectively direct project team members to think critically and deploy SSM
• Learn to clearly define and frame organizational problems requiring solutions
• Use SSM to manage highly complex strategic challenges In your organization
• Engage key stakeholders and team members
• Understand how to analyze issues and identify the best possible solution

Program Outline:

Introduction to systems and problem solving:
• Overview on Systems thinking
• Soft systems
• Why soft systems
• Brain hemispheric dominance
• Real world Vs systems world

Soft systems Methodology
• Process overview
• Problem Situation (from Unstructured to expressed)
• Developing root Definition of Relevant Systems
• Conceptual Models
• The comparison
• Change (feasible / desirable)
• Systems improvements

Applications of SSM into organizational development

Presented by:

Tassili for Consultancy and Training

5 Days (20 Hours)