Strategic Planning involves taking strategic ideas and formulating them into a detailed business plan which becomes the strategic roadmap steering the organization in the direction of the strategic vision. In this course we will go the aspects of strategy in a structured framework that focuses on the best way to effectively plan using best strategy models and choices.

Who should attend?

This highly practical program has been specially designed for:

– Individuals and teams involved in planning organisational and market strategies.

– Individuals and teams involved in planning organisational and market strategies.

– General managers and top business managers who are involved in setting up corporate strategies.

– Entrepreneurs and managers of small and medium size businesses.

– Individuals and teams who are involved in decision making processes.

How will this course benefit you?

Upon completion you will be able to:

– Identify strategic planning issues in order to develop a unique competitive advantage.

– ِAlign your organization with your strategic planning goals by integrating strategy, Objectives, Metrics and Performance.

– Identify evolving strategic patterns and generate ideas on how they can be applied to your organization.

– Incorporate customer needs into your strategic planning.

– Recognizing how the actions of customers, competitors and your own company determine the outcomes in your markets.

Program Outline

Strategic Planning Principle

– Determining a frame of reference for strategic planning concepts

– Schools of thought in strategic planning

– The evolution of strategy

An Overview of the Strategic Planning Process

– Basic elements of strategic planning

– Developing and managing the strategy formation process

Assessing the External Environment

– Identifying macro and micro factors

– Responding to changes in the environment

Understanding Your Internal Environment

– How to become a high-performing organization

– Financial elements of developing strategy

Formulating Your Strategic Planning

– Data synthesis

– SWOT analysis

Strategic Planning Execution

– Key building blocks

– Learning the three core processes

– Understanding resource allocation and strategy formation

Presented by

Tassili Specialist Trainers.


20 Hours, This program’s duration is five days, Four hours per day.


It is recommended to take Tassili’s Strategic Thinking program prior to this program.

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