Stress is expensive. It is the number one reason for absence, accounting for 26.4 million days lost per year, Stress considerably lowers performance levels, productivity, resiliency and ultimately profitability as it lowers moods leading to unhappiness, depression, and long term absence, Stress paralyses the effectiveness of the mind. It is a killer of great ideas, innovation and creativity, Stress lowers IQ, leading to poor and costly decision making, cultural disharmony and conflict.

This program wll help participant to identify the causes of their stress and provide them with practical, effective tools to avoid, reduce and manage stress – both on and off the job.

Who should attend?

This program will benefit anyone, particularly teams, senior managers, leaders and internal trainers.

Anyone who’d like to know more about how the mind really works, live with less stress and achieve better results in all areas of life.

How will this program benifit you?

Upon completion you will be able to:

To learn the difference between being “busy” and “productive”
To learn the time management matrix
To apply the Pareto principle (80/20 Rule) to time management issues
How to prioritize using decision matrices
How to beat the three most common time wasters
How to plan ahead
How to handle interruptions
How to maximize your personal effectiveness
How to say “no” to time wasters
How to delegate in the right way for the right reasons
Develop your personal effectiveness to get more done in the same amount of time.
Develop your personal initiative and beat procrastination
Develop a positive mental attitude and use ambition as the motivator rather than fear.
Develop your own individualized plan of action.

Program Outline

What is stress?
– Why we feel stress?
– Major Stressors.
– The difference between constructive and destructive stress.
– Symptoms and results of negative stress.
– What stress costs organizations and its people.

Managing stress caused by time constraints:
– Prioritising.
– Managing your time effectively.
– Saying NO Assertively.
– Delegating.

Managing stress caused by conflict:
– Managing your own emotions.
– Effectively handling the behaviour of others.

Avoiding distress (burnout):
– Cultivating resilience.
– Relaxation techniques.
– Work/life balance.

Presented by

Tassili Professional Trainers.


Five Days (20 Hours)

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