73. Successful strategies for Managers (SSFM)


With the combined challenges of delivering organisational performance and managing costs, Whilst at the same time improving risk management and overall governance and compliance. This raises the important issues of ensuring you have a seat at the top table and once you have it, Understanding how to stay there. this program will give you the opportunity to take stock of your most critical working relationships.

Through case studies and small working groups you will examine best practices and common pitfalls to help you improve your influence and effectiveness with senior leaders and the board.

Who Should attend?

Managers and senior managers who deal with senior leaders and board members and stakeholders or will need in the near future.

How will this program benefit you?

Upon completion you will:

– Learn some of the keep hallmarks of top leaders and the typical dynamics of top leadership meetings

– Consider how to maximise your impact and contribution at the senior leader and board level.

– Deepen your appreciation and how to translate the question of how to adds value in language that will work for key stakeholders.

Tangible outcomes will include:

– Understanding the relationship triangle between managers, stakeholders and senior managers.

– Examining what is valued by these stakeholders given their roles, using the “Kano” value analysis tool.

– recognising some of the intrinsic tension points the head of internal audit needs to manage resulting from differing roles and viewpoints of the triangle.

– A model for thinking about different management and leadership styles and the key pinch-points to watch out understanding the challenges in specific activities.

Recognising the life cycle of relationships, Induction, Smooth sailing and choppy waters.

Consider actions and next steps.

Program Outline

– understanding what is special about the relationship between the managers, Senior executives and committees.

– Looking at key influencing models.

– Understanding what stakeholders value using the kano model.

– Gaining insights around your own leadership and influencing style.

– Understanding key basis and physiological pitfalls in one to one interactions.

– Understanding the way group dynamics operate use of action learning techniques to apply insights and learning.

– Influencing at the stakeholder and board level.

– Influencing senior executives.

Presented by:

Tassili Specialist Trainers.


15 hours, This program’s duration is five days, three hours per day.

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