Tired of all the usual excuses and arguments your colleagues offer you? Fed up with wasting time arguing hour after hour with someone who will eventually give in and do what you want? In your job need to enable smooth transitions to
better methods and risk limiting outcomes, you cannot afford to lose the argument, you need to draw on all the techniques of persuasiveness available to you today, and that is what this coporgram urse will enable you to do. this program is your answer to the stubborn, the unwilling and the downright difficult.

Who should attend?

Anyone who needs to get the rest of the department, The rest of the organization, the rest of the family or the rest of the world on their side. This course ofers you the chance to bring your own situations where you need to be more ersuasive to the session and walk away with a solution.

How will this program benefit you?

Upon completion you will be able to:

  • Influence all types of individual.
  • Understand why some people are more difficult than others to persuade and still persuade them.
  • Use your behavior to help others accept your ideas.
  • Understand how to build very high levels of rapport.
  • Build a permanent commitment to any changes you introduce.

Program outline:

Influencing Skills:

  • Assertion, Expertise, Political Acumen Through Preparation.
  • Effective presentations, Client Centered.


  • understanding the human psyche
  • the hidden effect you can have
  • behaviour breeds behavior
  • how to make sure you use your own behavior wisely and that no one takes advantage of you.

Emotional intelligence

  • understand the impact of your emotional intelligence
  • use it to influence colleagues, customers and family alike
  • how do your filters work? Are they helping or hindering?

The power of body talk

  • using your body talk to influence
  • choosing the words with care.

OK, influence me

  • role plays to help you practice your new skills.

Permanent commitment

  • how to ensure lasting influence
  • get real not token agreement
  • see it past the new toy stage.

Before attending the workshop you will be asked to complete a questionnaire to help you think about your approach to those you seek to influence.

Presented by: Tassili Specialist Trainers.

Duration: 20 Hours, This program’s Duration is ve days, Four hours per day.

Note: It is recommended to attend the emotional intelligence program prior to registering for this program.